Serving the Greater DC Area Pup, Pet, and Animal Roleplay Community

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<aside> 🏗️ Work in progress!

We are in the process of transitioning this webpage to a new host and refreshing the material. Please bear with us! Feel free to contact us at our Telegram group for further information.


<aside> 💱 Name Change!

We recently adjusted our name from “Capital Pups and Handlers” to “Capital Pets and Handlers”, to better reflect the inclusiveness of our community. You may still see references to our old name in various parts of this website and on various documents and images.


We are a resource for the Greater Washington DC area pup, pet, and animal roleplay community, by providing a safe online space to meet and chat, and facilitating meetups and events. We also work with other groups and events in the area, helping to foster and publicize a broad range of grass-roots, community driven events.

The main activity of Capital-PAH centers around our Telegram chat group and our regular gatherings at The Crucible, our local kink and sex positive playspace in Washington DC.

Upcoming Events:

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Past Events and News:

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Who are we?

We are a group of folks who incorporate some form of animal roleplay between consenting human adults into our lives.

We welcome folks who role play and/or identify as all kinds of animals and creatures, and handlers, and associated folks, from all kinds of backgrounds and communities. These include, but not limited to: